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Are you tired of trying strict, tasteless diet plans? Skip Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and South Beach diet. Instead, try our healthy meal delivery service and start eating healthy today! Introducing Cruzan Catering's "Fresh Takes" Services. With all the demands our time, it is almost impossible to get the proper nutrients in our daily meal choices. After years in the personal chef industry, Chef Cruzan has developed a new solution healthy eating that is affordable. Our chefs work with the most reputable nutritionists, trainers, dieticians, and doctors to develop dishes designed for specific dietary programs. We use local, fresh produce and proteins free from hormones and antibiotics. Healthy Never Tasted So Good!

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                       From Our Chef


My name is Chef Keith and I am the creator and Executive Chef of Cruzan Catering. As a new business owner and entrepreneur, I often found myself lost in work, projects, family, pets, and anything else you can imagine. Even with the knowledge and tools to cook nutritiously, I still found myself in fast food drive thrus more often than I care to admit. Weighing in at 315 pounds my excuses of time and money were wearing thin, and my health was deteriorating quickly.  A pre-diabetic with high cholesterol was not the diagnosis I expected from my doctor at the age of 24. I wanted to eat healthier, but despite my efforts, each attempt to consistently eat nutritrious meals failed. It occurred to me that in a city like San Antonio, surely, I could not be the only one with this challenge. Determined to find a solution, I thought about my Personal Chef business and how I could create a version of this servie that was more affordable and less time consuming. Delivery Health is that solution. If you are struggling with your health and have trouble being consistent either because you lack the time, knowledge, or just don't like the taste of "diet food", I challenge you to try our service for one month. This will make a difference in the way you look and feel. You will have your body for the rest of your life. Be good to it. 

- Chef Keith Cruzan

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